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Making It Affordable

In today's economy, a digital app plays a crucial role in a company's operations. It is often the leading sales channel for most companies, and its quality is among the primary factors why a business succeeds or fails.

The app also serves as the image of a company amongst users - the look and feel of are what customers get accustomed to, and associate with the business as part of their user experience.

For example, Uber's black and gray modern design stands out as a technology-driven company. Not only does the look and feel of an app need to be customized to reflect the image of a company, but also the business logic of the app should be tailored to the business model. The required level of quality and customizations can translate into a higher cost or time to delivery, which is usually much beyond the tight budget constraints and deadlines of most small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.

In 2020 it costs between $67,000 - $150,000 to create an Uber-like app without any associated on-going maintenance costs or administration. This is utterly nonsensical.

Today, there are two options available for the average business to build custom apps:

DIY low-no-code drag-and-drop platforms (Wix, Appian, Appy Pie etc.)

Fully hand-coded app providers (development shops)

Each of these avenues try to solve one side of the cost of acquisition constraints (cost, quality, time to deliver) but not all - simultaneously.

Here is where Apsy comes into the picture.

Our goal is to help small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs build their custom apps at the lowest cost, highest quality, and fastest speed by use of artificial intelligence and automation..