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Apsy embodies an ideal; to strive for solutions embracing the latest available technologies to bring value propositions to customers in the Mobile Application marketplace like never before.

So much of our world today revolves around the status quo. Apsy was founded specifically to challenge ourselves to do better, and remove barriers that would traditionally hinder startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses from starting their respective journeys due to the completely confusing processes and exorbitant costs of building quality native applications.

Founded by passionate entrepreneurs, consultants, and technologists, Apsy is a one of a kind platform that generates native Mobile Applications 100% by machine, with no human interaction. This capability means that we can generate native mobile applications in a matter of minutes as opposed to months.

The Apsy machine was primarily created to accelerate the velocity of small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs seeking to build quality native mobile applications at the lowest possible cost at speeds currently unavailable in the mobile marketplace.

Our approach allows for minimal waste due to automation and utilization of proprietary AI and NLP techniques to build and compile both UI and logic for any given application - that means, we get to focus on the customer experience and design process to ensure a one of a kind experience that immerses the customer like never before.

The post COVID world and consumer demand better value, while low and no-code solutions are beginning to tackle value - we are happy to showcase a technology far more extensible and customisable to suit every taste.

Our team is happy to make your dream project a reality - let us know what you have on your mind.